Wendy Shaw Textile Designer

My investigation into the province of textiles occurred relatively late although as a practising midwife I was acutely aware of the intrinsic relationship with textile from birth leading me to consider their significance and creative possibilities. Following relocation to Shetland a few years ago I was given the opportunity to study BA Contemporary Textiles on the Island which gave me permission to absorb myself in my passion. My work conveys my love of colour and this unique sense of colour is further transformed by the innovative use of fine cotton and wool yarns informing a ‘new tradition of the modern’ as my work draws on the textile tradition and contemporary influences. Since moving to Aberdeenshire at the end of 2013, I have found the colour of the rural landscape to be most inspiring.

My appreciation of tradition and contemporary is manifest in my method of working as I utilise a sketchbook to explore mixed media visual studies and reflect on the process, whilst investigating design ideas on a domestic knitting machine and embracing computer software in the design element translating and making the pieces on 12 gauge Shima Seiki knitting machine then finishing by hand.

I have created a contemporary collection of quality hand finished knit pieces for interiors and exclusive accessories which are heirloom limited edition textiles designed and made in Scotland. Simple geometric forms familiar motifs in design provided focus in my resolution to further examine textile design utilising line, circle, and squares crafting dynamic use of geometric pattern translated into knit. I am intrigued by the idea of creating contemporary lace knit textiles pushing the boundaries of voids and solids embracing new knit technologies.

In addition to designing for Wendy Shaw Textiles I have recently embarked upon a new venture 'Vintage Home', for all kinds of homewares and an abundance of florals and fabulous fun vintage pieces. Each one is personally chosen for its uniqueness, charm and beauty to help make your own home that little bit more delightful!

This vintage adventure is inspired by my love of all things retro and my passion for home interiors.